Information for Swiss Customers

We are located in South Germany - directly at the border to Switzerland. Therefore we are able to provide a very specific service to our Swiss customers: 

Schweiz  Profit by our favourable prices and save the Geman VAT!

By comparison to Switzerland we provide you very low prices. And additionally you don't have to pay the German VAT as customer form Switzerland - so you save 19%! We even don't charge the VAT, so you don't have to wait for refund.

Schweiz  Customs clearance complimentary!

We do the complete customs clearance for you. And you don't have to pay anything for this service! You will get a parcel by Swiss Post - without any additional costs.

Schweiz  We pay the Swiss VAT for you in advance!

To provide you the easiest way for import your ordered items to Switzerland, we will pay the Swiss VAT (7,7%) for you at the Swiss customs. So all formalities are complied.

You will pay the Swiss VAT convenient to us direcly with your order. If you will login to our shop as Swiss customer you will see the correct tax rate of 7,7%. So you will allways know the correct amount.

Schweiz  Favorable Shipping

  • Accessoires / Kid Bikes up to 12 inch 6.95 Euro (inkl. 7.7% Mwst. CH)
  • Bicycles (bulky items): 29.90 € (incl. 7,7% VAT CH)
  • Trekkingbikes / E-Bikes (freight XXL): 59.90 € (incl. 7,7% VAT CH)

We ship by Swiss Post - in some cases wo also deliver E-Bikes ourselves.

Schweiz  Self Pick Up

 You can also pick up your order at our shop in Murg / South Germany.

Kindly note: You will see this possibility only if you choose Germany as delivery address.

Schweiz  You don't have to care for anything. Your parcel will be delivered convenient by Swiss Post.

Your order will be delivered as parcel - without any additional costs - just so easy as you would have ordered something in Switzerland. Very often E-Bikes are delivered personally!

Schweiz  Comfortable payment in Euro or Swiss Francs less 2% discount!

Choose payment in advance and you will get 2% discount on the whole value of goods!

Just wire your payment in Swiss Francs to our bank account. Therefore we have a bank account at Credit Suisse AG in Switzerland. We will inform you about the current excanche rate in our order confirmation.

Of course it is also possible to wire the payment in Euro to our bank account in Germany.

Alternatively we offer you Paypal as international payment method.