Cube Cycle Shoes

The new Cube cycle shoes are available as Mountainbike shoes, road bike shoes or all mountain shoes. All together are very comfortable and fitted by the Cube NATURAL FIT Concept:

The fundamental principle of CUBE?s Natural Fit is that the human body shouldn?t be forced to adapt to the sports equipment, but the other way round. Only if an athlete can follow his or her own natural motion pattern without restrictions, is it possible to perform at their personal best for an extended period while still enjoying exercising.

This holistic concept is the backbone of our development efforts on the Natural Fit shoe range ? tailored to suit the individual´s natural motion sequence and anatomic requirements when biking. That is why our Natural Fit bike shoes have features not found anywhere else, features which are designed to effectively prevent or reduce common bike associated problems like foot hotspots or knee and lower back pain.

Starting with the comfort-enhancing and efficient pedaling last, through biomechanically optimized rider/bike contact points all the way to premium high-tech fabrics - everything is carefully and thoughtfully developed to enhance comfort as well as performance for the given field of application.
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